Mairie de Caille
18, rue Principale
06750 CAILLE
+33(0)4 93 60 31 51

Caille is a village typical of the foothills of the Alps, tucked between the Mediterranean and that mighty mountain range, nestled deep in a plain at the foot of Roux Baou peak
Caille’s history dates back centuries and its architectural heritage has been given pride of place by the town for several years, with a venerable chateau (private), a church decorated with 18th-century paintings, a washhouse, a bread oven, and 18th-century houses with doorframes and windowframes in hewn rock or wood, the perfect setting for a satisfying stroll.

Must-see sights:

- The Saint Etienne parish church:  A church dedicated to Saint Etienne occupied the site prior to the construction of the new church. Originally facing east, the work that began in 1866 reoriented the new church to the north, building its choir on the old cemetery. Decorated with 18th-century paintings, the new church has a square bell tower and a single nave.

- The Château de Caille: The village’s castle, built prior to the 16th century, was remodeled several times over the centuries before finally being divided in 1868. Several large noble families lived in succession in the castle from the 13th to the 18th centuries. The entablature of the original door appears to be neoclassical, favoring orderly lines and symmetry.

- The Caille washhouse: the lavoir, or washhouse, dates from the early 20th century and is part of the last generation of village washhouses. It was recently decorated with a fresco depicting a typical scene of village women gathering around the washhouse to do their laundry. In Michèle Fontana’s book Si Caille … m’était conté, one of these women explains how doing the laundry was a chore that took an entire day.


- Hiking in the plains and on Audibergue mountain
- Snowshoeing
- Downhill and cross-country skiing
- Mountain biking: VTT de la Glacière + Runix carts
- Via Souterrata (underground via ferrata)
- Caving
- La Moulière tree-top adventure park

Key annual events:

In June: Amerindian festival
In July: Bread Festival, Pass’a Caille music festival, 4x4 Trial
In August: Fête de la Saint Etienne



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