Theatre de Grasse , Espace Culturel et Sportif du Val de Siagne

It had been more than 13 years since the Théâtre de Grasse had not experienced such a major renovation.
Our theater is now ready to welcome you in conditions of exemplary comfort. Feel at home in this setting of almost 500 seats where everyone, in an exceptional proximity with the stage, can believe that the artists speak only to him alone.
These long works have allowed the construction of a lift for the reception room of 11 people in a wheelchair.

The Théâtre de Grasse is the place for Plus, Bonus, XXL quality hospitality, unparalleled conviviality. a place where you enter free and from which you go out changed, moved and happy.

For the 2019/20 season, once again, the artists invited to Grasse will offer us throughout the year exceptional moments, breathless, moving, funny or poignant. They will dance words and bodies, talk about serious things with humor, sing life or shout, serve the great texts or lead us in sarabandes incredible.

Circus, clowns, music, dance, storytelling, stand-up and theater, of course, to fill your heart and soul ...

To browse the catalog of the new TDG 2019/2020 season? It's HERE


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2 avenue Maximin Isnard
06130 GRASSE
+33 (0)4 93 40 53 00

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