L’Azuréenne beer, a product of the Provencal sunshine and soil, tickles your palate with the flavors of the Mediterranean. Our high-fermentation craft beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Some of our beers:

This amber beer is balanced and round on the palate, entrancing the taste buds with flavors of toasted grains.
Serve at 8-9° C

La Blonde
Our tasty and refreshing blonde beer is a fresh, delicious beverage for any time of day.
Serve chilled at 6-7° C


Red-label honey by Lautard Jean-Louis (Le Tignet), handcrafted jams, orange wine, olive oil (Les Mées, Nyons, Alpilles, from the Jacques Chibois’ Bastide Saint-Antoine, Champ Soleil in La Trinité), but also comestibles made from flowers: a range of rose, mimosa, jasmine, and violet syrups, flower jams, candied rose petals. There are also Bellet (Via Julia) and Saint-Jeannet (M. Rasse) wines, flower liqueurs, génépi from Méolans-Revel. And try the exquisite aperitif made with the Grasse rose: petals macerated in alcohol, sugar, and white wine.