La Bastide Isnard

La Bastide Isnard offers a unique environment from which to explore Grasse’s extraordinary heritage. The garden is home to flowers (rose, jasmine, violet, tuberose, lavender), an olive grove, and natural springs, as well as a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Discover the history of a genuine perfumer property.

Guided Tour - Duration : 1h30

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Villa Noailles

A venerable, three-hectare olive grove with a country house and spring. Here, in the rolling Grasse countryside, is where Charles de Noailles, a lover of art and botany, began creating these gardens in 1947, nurturing them until the end of his life.

The spring and sloping land made it possible for him to create some twenty pools, fountains, and channels, taking the water everywhere the visitor goes, soothing guests with its gentle murmur.

Jardin de la Villa Fort France

The Fort France Garden is structured around the villa that dates back to 1930. British writer Lady Fortescue, along with her husband, the librarian for King George VI, built the house on terraced land with luxuriant aromatic plants and olive trees. In those earliest days, a rose garden was created and, since that time, the garden has continued to expand.

The garden is best visited from the bottom up by strolling along the terraces. You first gaze upon the trees and perennials from below or from the side, before rising above them to admire them from a loftier perspective.

Le Mas des Pivoines

Country garden with very varied species, adapted to drought and -8 °. Particularity: 130 feet of various varieties of shrub and herbaceous peonies that begin to bloom around April 15 until the end of May.

This is the charm of a Grasse countryside of 1800, with its arbours, its calade, its pools.
The topography of the place has given a succession of different atmospheres: field of lavender, olive grove, masses of edges of perennials and unusual shrubs, and of course many roses.

Domaine St Jacques du Couloubrier

The Saint-Jacques du Couloubrier estate, considered as a reference for
typical Grasse landscape, whose original owners of the 1870s, the Amics were a perfume trader, followed by Jean PROVOST, owner of the northern fillies and founder of the Paris-Match press group, who made the estate an agricultural property dedicated to perfume, to the olive grove and vineyard but also home of
reception. He will have the garden landscaped in 1940 by Russel PAGES, English landscape internationally renowned and whose Domaine Saint-Jacques du Couloubrier is one of his finest works.